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Honorary Members



Honorary Members


Honorary memberships are granted to persons who have contributed significantly to the growth, welfare, functions, or activities of the ISC. Honorary members may serve on committees and as officers of the Society where, because of their interest and qualifications, they can contribute to the aims and activities of ISC. Honorary members will be exempt from paying registration fees when participating in ISC congresses.

Honorary membership is awarded by a committee comprised of the President, Immediate Past-President, President-Elect and the current President of the congress organizing committee. Each member in good standing in the Society (dues current) has the right to nominate a candidate to be considered for the award. Members of the ISC should submit names of persons to be considered for this honor with supporting information to the ISC Secretary/Treasurer. An official call for nominations will be e-mailed to ISC members prior to each ISC Congress.



Honorary Members (Home Country) by Year and Congress


Previously Named

Professor Octavio Carpena-Artes (Spain)
Dr. Peter R. Cary  (Australia)
Dr. D. C. Giacometti  (deceased) (Brazil)
Professor Kurt Mendel (Israel)
Dr. Silvio Moreira (deceased) (Brazil)
Dr. Herman J. Reitz (USA)
Professor S. Tanaka (deceased) (Japan)

1992 Italy

Dr. V. Victoria Rossetti (deceased) (Brazil)
Dr. Francesco Russo (Italy)
Professor Zhang Wen-Cai (People's Republic of China)

1996 South Africa

Dr. Tom W. Embleton (deceased) (USA)
Dr. Jon H. Terblanche (South Africa) 


2000 USA

Dr. L. Gene Albrigo (USA)



2004 Morocco

Dr. Mohamed El-Otmani (Morocco)


2008 People's Republic of China

Dr. Xuixin Deng (People's Republic of China)


2012 Spain

Dr. Luis Navarro (Spain)


2016 Brazil

Dr. Dirceu Mattos, Jr. (Brazil)
Dr. Carol J. Lovatt (USA)




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