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Fellow Members



Fellow Members 
ISC's most Prestigious Award 


The Executive Committee of ISC may award up to two Fellows of the Society in each congress in recognition of their significant contributions to (i) the worldwide citrus industry and (ii) the activity and welfare of ISC.

Each member in good standing in the society has the right to nominate a candidate in writing to the Secretary/Treasurer. The specified deadline for nominations will be approximately 90 days prior to the start of the ISC Congress. The Secretary/Treasurer will call for nominations by e-mail preceding the Congress and the President will call for nominations and provide instructions for preparing nominations on the ISC website.

Nominations must document the importance of the candidate's contributions to worldwide citrus and to ISC and be accompanied by two letters from two members in good standing who second the nomination.

The Secretary/Treasurer will present all nominations completed by the deadline to the Executive Committee by e-mail at least 30 days prior to the start of the Congress for vote by secret ballot for up to two candidates. Voting will take place during a two-week period specified by the Secretary/Treasurer. A two-thirds plus one affirmative vote is required for approval of the award. Fellow members will be exempt from paying registration fees when participating in ISC congresses.



Fellow Members (Home Country) by Year and Congress


Previously Named

Professor Homer D. Chapman (deceased) (USA)


2000 USA

Charles W. Coggins, Jr. (deceased) (USA)
Umberto G. Menini (Italy)

2004 Morocco

Mitsuo Omura (Japan)
Walter Reuther (USA)

2008 People's Republic of China

Ken Bevington (Australia)
L. Gene Albrigo (USA) 


2012 Spain

Xiuxin Deng (People's Republic of China)
Raphael Goren (Israel)


2016 Brazil

Giuseppe Reforgiato-Recupero (Italy)
Carol J. Lovatt (USA)





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